Our Approach

ShakeWell Creative has an established track record of developing thoughtful and effective brands and marketing programs for a variety of businesses and nonprofit organizations. Our approach to any project or working relationship is rooted in a core process that takes steps to clearly define the client’s scope of work and properly align and apply our agency’s talents.

The shake is what drives us. Businesses come to ShakeWell because they are ready to shake things up.

Step 1

Examine the Opportunity

Not every project is in our wheelhouse, and we are seasoned enough to know what we do well. The first step of any project is to examine the scope and ensure that it’s within our purview.

Step 2

Assess Key Pillars

Over the years, we’ve learned to identify four key pillars that ensure our agency is a good match. If we aren’t the right fit, our goal is to recognize that early and not waste anyone’s time.

Aligned Leadership

Are the project lead and client leadership on the same page regarding the business challenge they are trying to overcome and the project objectives? And are they aligned on the mission of engaging an agency to help them?

Sound Business

Is the business objective sound and are the client’s desired results realistic? Will we be given proper access and information, and adequate time to prove value and results?

People Match

Is the client’s team made up of individuals who communicate well, respect the team (ours and theirs), and place effectiveness before ego?

Financial Smarts

Is the company in a healthy financial state, and are the budget and timeline appropriate?

Step 3

Deep Dive

The discovery phase is key to enable our team to fully understand the business or marketing challenge, the audience and market landscape, and key data findings so we can properly diagnose problems, identify opportunities, and strategically develop a plan of action. It can involve research, meeting and interviewing key players, and even analyzing what other businesses and organizations have done in similar situations.

Step 4

Goal Setting & Planning

Once we have a clear understanding of who the client is, what they do, how they do it, and why they’re different, we formulate goals and a plan to achieve them.

Step 5

Imagine & Create

Goals are set, the plan is in place, and the budget is approved. Now it’s time to shine and create – which is not a solution, but rather a process. To do this, we adhere to the following agency philosophy: Evolve daily. Be different, informed, authentic, and fiercely creative. Then we get to work.

Step 6

Measure & Refine

Along with project/client leadership, we develop benchmarks to measure success so we can evaluate and refine as needed.

Let’s shake it up together!

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