Best Work From Home Spotify Playlists

While some companies have gone back into the office fully, working from home is still the norm for many businesses across the world. With that, a solid work from home playlist is essential to get through the day. Below are our top five work from home Spotify playlists that just don’t get old.

Coffee + Chill is a public Spotify playlist with tunes from artists like Phoebe Bridges and Bon Iver. With a fresh cup of coffee, this playlist has the perfect songs to keep you relaxed and focused. You might catch yourself singing along and getting *slightly* distracted from work but there’s no harm in that when good music is involved.  

Relax and Unwind was created by a New York City wellness brand, Standard Dose, and has the perfect mix of calming melodies. This playlist is a great listen in the afternoon if you’ve had a lot of meetings and need to just relax and unwind.

Lofi Beats is the perfect playlist for those who get distracted by lyrics. If you’re trying to concentrate on a big project, this is the playlist for you. It has the perfect mix of upbeat and mellow lofi beats to keep you awake and alert during any task.

Mellow Classics is a personal favorite with a mix of 80’s classics like Tom Petty, Elton John and Fleetwood Mac. Relax to these timeline tunes in the morning or afternoon of a work from home day. It won’t disappoint.

Feeling Accomplished is the perfect playlist to pump yourself up before a big presentation or if you simply need a mid-day dance break. Find the perfect mix of fun pop and hip-pop music that is sure to brighten your work from home day. If you listen to this playlist, Missy Elliot’s Lose Control is highly recommended for that dance break. 

So whether you’re working from home or going into the office, these Spotify playlists are sure to make any reports, meeting preps or down time a little more enjoyable.

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