Why Hire a Marketing Agency?

We know there are always certain advantages to hiring someone in-house. The personal connection, the ability to work closely with other members of the team, and the osmosis that can come with being deeply imbedded within a company.

However, it is also possible to get that team marketing feeling when you’re working with an agency.

At ShakeWell Creative, our relationships with our clients are nothing less than familial. We work hard to create an environment with our clients that makes it feel like we’re sitting across the table every time there’s a meeting or a new idea afoot. Here’s how we do it.

Account Management Matters

Every one of our clients gets a dedicated account manager who isn’t just familiar with the ins and outs of your advertising campaigns, your mission, and your brand — they also power our performance and creative teams with the structure to create excellence. With every project scoped to a T and business objectives aligned across the board for all team players, our account managers are organized, structured, and meeting business objectives the way a direct-hire would.

Winning the Accountability Game

Our account managers help us stay on track, but the results hold us accountable. We are all about metrics — and any time we run performance or direct marketing campaigns for clients, our reporting system tracks data at a granular level. We are happy to create and present these reports in a way that works for clients based on their specific needs, whether we’re talking about entry-level marketers or those who are seasoned C-level marketers. When it comes to data, we love to get nerdy!

All the Experience From All the Angles

Our team’s variety of skillsets is a true asset to any marketing initiative. Each of us brings a different piece of the puzzle, working together seamlessly to create strategic and creative solutions for our clients. Rather than hiring an employee with one skillset and shelling out for sick time, insurance, and expenses, you end up with a qualified team of people, all with different skillsets, yet just as loyal and ready as any permanent hire.

Perfectly Collaborative, Every Time

Collaboration is our favorite word here at ShakeWell. We are a close-knit team on a mission to be open and transparent, share our ideas, and always do what’s best for our clients. We’d love the chance to collaborate with you, and help you achieve your marketing goals.